OSG Vison- world’s largest ATB unit

News > USA News on 2011-07-01

Built in 2010, initial construction begun at Bender Shipbuilding of Mobile, Alabama  and completed by VT Halter Marine of Pascagoula, Mississippi as the ATB OSG Horizon for Overseas Shipholding Group.
First of the series, OSG Vision and her barge, OSG 350, are already at work lightering crude oil tankers on Delaware Bay, having been delivered in early 2010
Fitted with an INTERcon coupler system, the tug is powered by two Wartsila 9L32 main engines, designed to burn IFO380 fuel rated at 6,050 horsepower taken at 750 RPM turning two LIPS controllable pitch propellers mounted in high efficiency kort nozzles with triple shudder rudders. The tug features independently steerable rudders and independent steering systems for safety, and the total tug/barge unit meets IMO 75 I requirements for maneuverability. She is rated at 12,000 horsepower.The barge OSG 350 is 655 feet in length with beam of 105 feet and a designed capacity of 342,000 barrels


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